Wednesday, July 23, 2014


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Hope to see you all there. This site will be deleted soon after we have transferred the files.:) -ITSMYSTYL

Friday, July 4, 2014


FROZEN? have you ever felt frozen? like the cold never really bothered you. "insert smiley face" I just wanted relate the song and the movie to this post. But honestly have you really felt like you totally froze maybe physically due to  super cold weather or you just froze and felt numb due to emotional burden? Because I do sometimes I want my emotion just to froze so it will just melt and I could not feel the pain after well that's too much drama and enough of those let me divert you to the negative emotion to this wonderful feeling of frozen.

When we went for a stroll last week at the mall we saw this small but quaint cafe and when we pass this by I automatically notice it since it has a nice set up I felt I was Elsa of Frozen trapped in an ice castle..heheh.. But to no lies that what I felt. The Snow Cafe is located at JCentre Mall in Banilad Mandaue City. I forgot was across K.Fashion a korean botique.  They sell cold products like snow cones but with ad ifferent twist the names are different too like they ninja turtles and such it was a bit pricey but worht it since it taste good and it is good for two. Like what we ordered we needed another bowl for it to be mixed since we cannot mix it to it's origanal bowl it adds to the fun mixing and eating we were like playing in ice. 

Hope you all like it - ITSMYSTYL

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


July has just started and let's start it with this new segment in my blog called "FABULIST" this idea comes from one of my favorite shows in channel E. 
For our first entry let me present to you the MONOPOD. This thing has been in trend for quite some time now. As you can see it's like everyone has it's own monopod but the question is should you buy one or not? For me if you really are into posting picture, doing selfie and a person who love outdoors and would take a lot of  picture with nature like in the mountains this would be very beneficial and worthy but if you just want to have this just for the sake of following what is "IN" right now that would totally be different. As you all know I always believe that "not all trends should be followed" sometimes we need to think if we can really benefit from it.  
So am I gonna FAB it? -
YES, for those who really needs it 
NO, to those who just want to have to follow the trend


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