Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Who's Your Daddy

Eat Street? If you are an avid fan of the show you would definitely know what I am talking about cause I am. I love how this big truck roam around the City and serving some good gourmet dishes that you can find in restaurants it is so coooooll!!!. Well I just found out that it has invaded our City and I was amazed and tried it. The truck was called Big Daddy's Burger and I just gallop when I tasted their Big Daddy Burger with bacon it was mouth watering comparing it to other burgers the patty was so juicy and pure beef with the big servings that they have the price was worth it. oh! I almost forgot they also serve the most tasty strawberry Milkshake. With the busy days all you need is this great innovation food in the street to go!! - ITSMYSTYL

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Monday, March 17, 2014


A hot afternoon to everyone. Yes! summer is just a week to wait but the weather today was really amazingly hot compared to yesterday's gloomy weather. I was supposed to go for a beach swim yesterday but Mr. Sun ditch me when I woke up. Things were already packed our gears and all but it rained again after it stop we hurriedly ran for a ride hoping Mr. Sun will show up but hey! we ended up going back home and just prepared food for lunch. What a day right? we'll maybe the cancelled trip to the beach has it's purpose. hmmm... a great summer escapade? planning for that!!.

Since Summer is just around the corner sharing with you this late post yet just perfect for the upcoming season. The New Ayala Mall had this awesome restaurant called Ulli's Hot Streets of Asia. As you all know living in the tropics is pretty damn hot especially during summer we can go like 40 degrees Celcius but hey! who am I to hate when we also have the most beautiful beaches in the world right. It is like made in perfection. The Resto offers this  to go drinks which I love since walking here without sweating is like a miracle. They came in different Flavors named after some famous Cities in Asia plus it comes with a very affordable price how cool is that right?

For my outfit I wore this denim overall skirt partnered it with my fav black camisole and my lovely boots. Just right for the hot weather. Those boots aren't really for cold weather since they are made perfectly for people living in the tropics and it doesn't have those fur inside so don't worry it's okay to wear those!! hope you like it  - ITSMYSTYL

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dine and Dip in Love

Kisses to the wonderful month of love and to this dine and dip valentines day experience. I opted not to have the usual candle light dinner in some exclusive fancy restaurant. For us this day should be celebrated with fun and joy and here we go combining the things we love food, swimming,massage and of course us..heheh

I have been searching for hotels that is easily accessible and has a great food to offer and I stumble upon Marco Polo Plaza's Lunch and Dip and thank God they still accommodate us with all the reservations in the place.

We went before lunch so we can still roam around and survey the place. I was a bit excited since I was telling Michael stories about my 25th Birthday that I celebrated here and how the great the food was, back in my mind I was hoping he would like it so I will not et my words..gulp!!!

Cafe Marco was full and we where told that we need to go in El Viento which was near the pool which was in our advantage since we do not want to disturb other guest who was just there for lunch and celebrate since we were wet.

After lunch and some pool dipping we had our massage in the spa located just below the Cafe, the price was different from the Package a bit pricey but hey!! the service was a lot better too. It was a day well spent indeed just the way we want it. Hope you enjoyed reading - ITSMYSTYL

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